Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Using LouderTV app for the first time

I have just posted a short video on how to setup your LouderTV app on YouTube
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Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Feel that your TV is blasting louder than it should be?

My (late) father use to avoid sitting with us when the crowd is larger than three. He has problem with his hearing, actually so are many many people, part of aging - they would say.

To me it feels like we are chasing him into his room, his own isolated corners. Psychologically this is not very healthy long term.

I remembered that I have the same problem when I was younger with my grandmother.
1 in 8 people in after they hit 45 years old will be having the same problem and this gets to around 1 in 5 at age of 70s. However how many of this people wear a hearing aid? -> Less than 10%

Are there other solutions?
Of course there are!

LouderTV aims to provide a flexible and affordable solution for them. Being an IPhone App the intention is to pass your first generation Iphone/Ipod Touch to your old folks for watching TV or having close conversation.

With self-tuning function, there will be no need to get an audiologist to tune the device.

Yet it can be adjusted to fit the wearer's personal hearing profile. By not blasting all the sound frequency at the same level, the wearer is now safer by not damaging the hearing nerves that are still in good health.

Technology advancement in small smart devices now allows sophisticated digital sound processing to be achieve with minimum time lag. Couple with user friendly interface and relatively cheaper hardware allow hearing impaired people to rip the benefit.

Try it today at Apple App Store -> LouderTV!