Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Hearing Test is now on Android

Now the same Hearing Test program is also available on Google Play thanks to Temasek Polytechnic.
In order to have good accuracy, please use an in-ear headset and try to perform the test in a quiet room.

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Watching TV in the wee hours

Sometimes I watch TV at night and have no choice but to watch in mute or lower the volume. Didn't enjoy the show that much. Later I had a wireless earphone, but for each use I have to plug in to the headphone jack as well as to plug in to the power, check the battery etc. It's a hassle.

With the new version of LouderTV, I have enable the microphone input on the iPhone. When a normal earphone (without a built-in mic) is plugged in, I can put the phone next to the TV and listen to the TV via long phone extension.

Guess what, that extension cost only SGD$2.00 as it can be found in Daiso.
The TV volume is set to very soft but I can adjust the sound on my iPhone to boost it up using LouderTV. With the new noise reduction feature, the background noise is not so obvious.

Give your iPhones a new life

As we awaits the arrival of a new iPhone and wondering how are we going to dispose of our current older model, a little suggestion:

Pass them to your older folks.
Download LouderTV and now your folks can have a simple hearing aid that will enable to listen clearer once again.

For better sound quality you might what to try this

=== Warning: I have never tested it before, and only saw it on this website ====

Custom Fit Adaptors for In/On Ear Phones