Monday, 28 May 2012

Thankyou for the support

Thankyou Tomland for the comment

"Great idea, but... ★★★
by Tomland - Version 1.0.2 - May 26, 2012
While it did a decent job of picking up nearby conversations, it did not work well picking up the tv sounds. Perhaps I misunderstood the app's intentions (the description is apparently translated English)"

======= Please see if this Helps ======================
Unfortunately, the microphone that comes from Apple is omni-directional and it is very closed to user's mouth.
1. My suggestion is to get an external microphone extension, in this way one can put the microphone closer to the TV.

2. Another parameter to adjust is to try the fine tuning on LouderTV while watch the TV.

My initial test with our trial users suggest an overall improvement while using LouderTV.

3. Perhaps trying retuning in a quiet room.

I do like to hear more response as we are trying our best to keep on improving the application.

Tuesday, 8 May 2012