Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Watching TV in the wee hours

Sometimes I watch TV at night and have no choice but to watch in mute or lower the volume. Didn't enjoy the show that much. Later I had a wireless earphone, but for each use I have to plug in to the headphone jack as well as to plug in to the power, check the battery etc. It's a hassle.

With the new version of LouderTV, I have enable the microphone input on the iPhone. When a normal earphone (without a built-in mic) is plugged in, I can put the phone next to the TV and listen to the TV via long phone extension.

Guess what, that extension cost only SGD$2.00 as it can be found in Daiso.
The TV volume is set to very soft but I can adjust the sound on my iPhone to boost it up using LouderTV. With the new noise reduction feature, the background noise is not so obvious.

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